Chuc Thanh Pagoda Hoi An

This is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hoi An, originally built in 1454. 
The original ancient gateway is still standing but a large modern gate has been built in front of it and on the left you'll see three newer pagodas. There's also an extensive cemetery plot to the right that you can wander through. 
To get here, take Hai Ba Trung north and turn left (west) on Nguyen Tat Thanh. About 100m down, take a right to the north on Tran Van Du. The pagoda is at the end of the road, half a kilometre further on. 
Chuc Thanh is half a kilometre from Phuoc Lam pagoda. There's a sand road you can walk along if you take a left as you're facing the front gate. It's just about passable on a bike or motorbike but if you prefer pick your way along the concrete roads just to the south until you reach Le Hong Phong, and Phuoc Lam will be on the right.