Con Dao Island Vung Tau - Vung Tau Daily Muslim Tours

Con Dao is 179 sea miles from Vung Tau. Looking at a map, Con Dao Island looks like a bear rising from the sea to east of the most southern point of the country. Con Dao comprises 16 islets with total area of 7,678 hectares, of which at 5,150 hectare Con Lon is the largest. The area, providing facilities for tourists, is now a national park with beaches, crystal waters, and coconut groves.
Con Dao Island is also famous for its nice beaches shaded with evergreen trees, fresh air, clear blue waters, and primitive forests. 
Some of those beaches include Dam Trau Hang Duong and Phi Yen where visitors can relax and enjoy the warm temperature. The best time to visit Con Dao Island is from March to June, when the sea is calm.
Weather: The Climate in Con Dao is monsoon tropical. Yearly average temperature is 27°C, lot of sunshine.
Sightseeing: Tourists are advised to visit Con Dao historical vestige where fighters for independence were held and tortured, tiger cages, set up during the French colonialism period, still remain. One kilometer behind the prison is Hang Duong Cemetery where several prisoners were buried.
How to get there:
Due to the Island is far from mainland, tourists can only come to Con Dao by boat or helicopter.
Helicopter from Vung Tau to Con Son at 7.30 am Saturday, back to Vung Tau at 4pm Sunday.