Hanoi Shopping Places

+ Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan market is on of the biggest market in Hanoi for whole sale and retails for tourist - Coming here you can find all Vietnamese must buy products such as silk , cotton, shoes, backpacks, souvernir , coffee
Dong Xuan market located in Central of Hanoi old quarter,it is very easy to walk from your hotel to this market with a map - ask yout receptionist for a map and direction to here , It is a central building surrouding by 4 street (Dong Xuan Street , Cau Dong Street , Hang Khoai Street & Nguyen Thien Thuat Street )
First floor selling souvernir , shoes , backpack , electric products ...second floor selling silk , cotton & clothes
Using VND or USD to shop here - Owners dont speak English so bring a caculator with you to shop is strong recommend
Dong Xuan market start at 06h00 and finish at 17h00 everyday but do not come too early - Owner will not happy if you dont buy after bargain

+ Hang Bong & Hang Gai :

Hang Bong Street and Hang Gai Street (Fabric material street) - These streets selling Vietnamese traditional silk , cotton , material,,, You can easy to request for Talor a Ao Dai (Long dress) - Vietnamese traditional suit or normal clothes in 12 hours - 24 hours - Just deposit some money - They will delivery clothes to your hotel when it get done
There are many souvernir shop at these street too ,Easy to choose some fridge magnets , sleeping bag , table cloth...

+ Hang Bac Street : 

This street provide all Silver & gold products - It easy to find for your own a ring ,You can also can change your money in to VND in this street and many more with T-shirt ,CD,VCD shop

+ Hang Dau Street :

This street provide shoe & sandal with Vietnamese & Chinese products

+ Hang Ngang & Hang Dao street

These street selling clothes - Hàng Ngang bridges Hang Dao and Hang Duong, constituting one of the busiest market place of Hanoi and typical of the Old quarter. Like Hang Dao, Hang Ngang also predominantly trade textile products made in Vietnam or China, though during the 15th and 16th century, the main products are tea and tobaccos.

The house located at 48 Hang Ngang street is of prime importance: It is the place where Ho Chi Minh prepared the Declaration for Independence that was read aloud in Ba Dinh square in 1945. Nowadays, the house is turned into a small museum that documents the period of gaining national independence in 1940s

+ Hom market :

 Just outside the city centre. Cho Hom is probably the best place for fabric, not just inside, but also in the many shops across the road – they specialise in particular materials and weaves.

+ Van Phuc Silk Village :

Van Phuc silk has been known for its smooth, light weight, and elegant appearance. Especially, a traditional kind of silk called Van Silk made in Van Phuc make the wearers feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Today, to satisfy various demand for silk of the market, Van Phuc silk producers have expanded their silk and garment goods like embroidered silk, , wrinkled silk, double layers and more colors for silk products.
Many families in Van Phuc open their own shops on the main road of the village; create a “town of silk” that sell eye-catching and high quality silk products. Tourists may buy available nice souvenir and clothes in the shop, or select the most suitable materials to then get customized products. The sellers are very friendly and can speak a little English and French to communicate to foreign tourists.
Nowadays, although the weaving has been mechanized for higher productivity, there are still simple manual looms in some houses in the village which help tourists contemplate the genuinely traditional Vietnamese way of making silk.

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