Hanoi Zoological Garden

Location: Hanoi Zoological Garden is on Cau Giay and Buoi streets, Hanoi; it is located on the west side of Hanoi center-city.
Characteristics: Hanoi Zoological Garden is the place where hundreds of animals are exhibited.

Hanoi Zoological Garden opened its doors in May 1977. It covers a total area of 29ha, in which water is 6ha. There is also Bo Mountain, Voi Phuc Temple here. Voi Phuc Temple, meaning "prostrated elephant," was built during the Ly Dynasty to worship the Linh Lang deity.
Besides, Hanoi Zoological Garden has thousand of trees and flowers. It also features entertaining games such as driving carts, ball games, and electronic games; there is a bookshop and an outdoor stage for dancing.

Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism