Ho Chi Minh Complex Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Complex Hanoi - Though Uncle Ho himself would have considered this a massive waste of land that could have been used for agriculture or production, a sizable complex constructed around a palace left over from the French era is devoted to the man in Hanoi.
In fact, the man is still there and you can see him in person. Touring the whole complex will take several hours at a minimum, but you can experience any facet a la carte if you're pressed for time. Especially in the mornings when the mausoleum is running, the complex is only accessible via the western side on 5 Ngoc Ha St. A number of guards have the rather boring job of herding you in the right direction. If you are set on viewing Ho Chi Minh's body in state at the mausoleum, best start early as it closes well before lunch, at 11:00.

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