Ho Chi Minh Museum Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Museum Hanoi Set back all alone on the banks of the Saigon River, which sweeps out of District One down towards Saigon's port and eventually the Mekong Delta, sits the Museum of Ho Chi Minh. 
Not only a great location to see up and down the river and gaze back over District One, it's also the city's shrine to the country's most celebrated figure. 
Ho Chi Minh isn't affectionately referred to as 'Uncle Ho' for nothing — he spent most of his life fighting for the independence and freedom of Vietnam, eventually declaring the country free in 1945 and creating the Socialist Republic of Vietnam which has remained in existence ever since. 
The gardens leading up to the building contain interesting then and now shots of Saigon showing its development over the last 50 years or so. The first two floors have a collection of Ho Chi Minh's personal belongings - right down to a toothpick and pen. Not the most fascinating of exhibits, but this is the place to learn more about the man. 
The third floor has the most comprehensive gathering of Ho Chi Minh portraits anywhere — Ho Chi Minh posing with children, Ho Chi Minh exercising, Ho Chi Minh writing a letter, Ho Chi Minh at work on the farm, Ho Chi Minh relaxing under a tree in the countryside... you get the idea. 
A small room here is dedicated to the patriotic artwork from elementary school students around the city, all of course depicting what must now be their Great Uncle Ho.
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Add : 1 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4
Opening Hours : Daily except Monday and Friday 07:30-17:00

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