Japanese Tombs

There are several tombs scattered in odd places through the area north of Nguyen Tat Thanh, but the easiest to visit is Mo Ong Tani Yajirobei, the tomb of a Japanese merchant buried in 1647. 
There isn't much there but an overgrown tomb with an inscription, but it's a fine spot to visit in conjunction with a walking or cycling tour. 
The tomb is located in the middle of a rice field along Hai Ba Trung Street, 1.5km north of the intersection with Nguyen Tat Thanh (the name of the road changes to Ly Thuong Kiet on the west side of Hai Ba Trung). Coming from Hoi An you will spot a yellow concrete sign marking the turn-off into the field to the right, and it's conspicuously located 200m along the path. 
From the other direction it's a little harder to spot, but if you get to the end of the open fields and start passing buildings, you've gone too far.