Minh Dam Mountains - Things To Do in Vung Tau

Ho Chi Minh City about 150km way, way TX.Ba Ria about 30km, is one of ecotourism, the ideal point source: Minh Dam Mountains. 
Minh Dam Mountains include many mountains have their own name that is rocky, Hon Valley, Horizontal Mount, Mount Electric Ba Chau Vien mountains and mountain Zhang Fei (also called Mountain or Mountain States Thuy Van Van). The mountain range in composition Chau Long - Chau Vien. This is where the luxuriant forests, caves and many are based on the resistance of the army and people of Ba Ria - Vung Tau in the two resistance wars against French and American.
From TX.Ba toward Ria Long Hai beach, visitors will see the mountains have an average elevation is about 200m.
In 1948, grateful to the two secretaries and deputy secretaries of Long Dien district, Bui Cong Minh and Dam Thanh Mac heroically sacrificed at the foot of the mountain, people named the Minh Dam Mountains. Minh Dam, also called resistance base of the army and people of Ba Ria - Vung Tau in the two resistance wars against French and American. Minh Dam Mountain with luxuriant green forests. There are many caves in the mountains is the accommodation, activities, work safety officials and the army. Each cave bears the name of the unit was stationed as the district level, hang, hang Military Medicine, Army"s hang ...
From the foot of the mountain, a winding asphalt road takes visitors up the mountain end. Guests will be surprised when at about two-thirds of the road passes, Long Hai panoramic ocean vast, ocean scene on one side, mountains on one side so charming, romantic appeared in sight. Below the resort is an asphalted road Thuy Duong and winding foothills. Embracing maritime forest is cherry red, beautiful. Many people like to conquer the mountain by foot, to be washed under the trees, stone aggregate, hear the birds calling, the sound of murmuring streams. The fatigue gradually disappear after you wash your face, soak feet in the cool spring water, enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and forests. In 1993, Minh Dam base areas by the Ministry of Culture - information recognized as Historic revolution. Minh Dam today has become an ideal tourist destination for many types of tourism: hiking, camping and especially eco places to learn the history of revolution, traditional education for generations of students, students ...
Minh Dam base consists of four areas: Pagoda Vienna, prepared, well Pagoda Ceramic, Stone"s husband. The major daily, but tourists must visit are: the cave at the district level, district sales team, the Army Medical cave, the cave town level, the cave"s Army (Wells Ceramic), transportation Binh hang, hang B2, hang Phuoc Hai .
Today Minh Dam Mountain and Minh Dam Pursuant are attractive for tourism. It has received many daily tourists to visit the old battlefield and admire the beauty of mountains and beaches of Long Hai, Thuy Van Van poetic States.