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Upon entering the restaurant, you will realize the space bar, although small, provides a feeling of cozy intimacy as is entering his home. Consistent use of orange and red as the leading, outstanding color, for we remember the dish "Curry" India's famous ...

gallery (7)Restaurant menu has a rich and diverse with many dishes, the chefs are Indian processing.

This dish is called "Cap Dosai", a delicious and special dishes. Dishes include three types of "fever", a white sauce made from "coconut", is the fat you eat, eat fresh but not short. Fever 2 is placed in the cup, is a special sauce of India (any flavor, try to know ... but especially good here). Fever Fever 3 is made of "tomato" flavor will be bitter, sweet ... Also, when you used to eat a cake made from bean of India, put on the kind of fever and for the mouth, the sweetness of the coconut, sour tomatoes, delicious flavors of India, with more pie ... nothing is too good, is good can only be great! Try once and you will know!

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To the Indian restaurant can not not try, "Curry", this dish is "Curry Goat" .... The taste is of course impeccable, delicacy 'Curry' is processed according to their taste of Vietnamese people, very easy to eat. No more spicy, but more aromatic, goat meat is soft, this dish is usually served with rice, and cakes ... These 2 types of bread made from two different materials, so their flavors are not the same as well! names of 2 types of bread are Paratha, Paratha Kerala ... and also very special name, but even more special is that they are very good! As a chef by the Indians with 25 years experience in this field and he can cook thousands of dishes, food for thousands of people!

Come to Indian restaurants, you will feel at home with close cozy atmosphere and good food. It will be interesting how if we can enjoy delicious meals at Indian restaurants and try loading type of Indian food (this is only the tips, you can not follow) !

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