Phuoc Lam Pagoda Hoi An Vietnam

Phuoc Lam is home to a large group of monks. It's a beautiful and elaborate temple with many different renderings of the Buddha, including a gold-covered "Buddha as a boy". 
There's plenty to wander around and look at, but if you really want to understand it all, we recommend going with a good guide.
If you're going on your own, we found it's best to visit just before 11:00 when the monks are finishing up their lunch (they've been up since 4:00 and this is their last meal of the day) after which they line up and circle through the temple, chanting midday prayers. 
To get here, go north on Hai Ba Trung and take a left at Nguyen Tat Than. Half a kilometre down on the right is the bus station, just before which is Le Hong Phong. Take a right there and the temple is half a kilometre further down on the left. 
Phuoc Lam is just half a kilometre from Chuc Thanh Pagoda: cross over Le Hong Phong and look for the dirt path that runs opposite Ton Duc Tang, or if you're on a motorbike and not a fan of sandy roads, turn right then left then left again onto Tran Van Du.